On Composition:

"The true artist is interested in the art object as an art process, the thing in being, the being of the thing, the struggle, the excitement, the energy that have found expression in a particular way. The true artist is after the problem. The false artist wants it solved." Jeanette Winterson

"Intelligent, thoughtful tracing is a creative process inasmuch as it gives something of the feeling that the painter must have had.   And when you are doing someting about the understanding of a picture you are getting more than you would by just looking: tactical experience is addded to visual." Ernest W. Watson

"There is inherent truth which must be disengaged from outward appearance of the object to be represented.  This is the only truth that matters.  Exactitude is not truth."  Henri Matisse

"The only certainty is that no painting, ancient or modern, has achieved signifigance that does not contain in its internal structure the elements of abstract order." Erle Loran

On Value:

"The intrisnic quality of a painting, taking everything into account, is chiefly determined by the quality of the light.   This quality, of course, is the result of a combination of factors in the whole execution of the subject, but its importance lies in the fact that it gives existence to the picture in relation to life itself.  When the light is right we never question a painting's reason for being." Andrew Loomis, The Eye of the Painter

"Creativity-like human life itself, begins in darkness."  Julia Cameron, from The Artist's Way