This is an ongoing project starting in the summer of 2016.

The snapshots were taken with my iPhone while, or soon after, finishing the drawings.  

24 years ago I drove a UHaul truck packed with everything I owned to Brooklyn.  I wasn't selective, choosing to bring just my favorite books and other necessities while attending graduate school, I brought everything.  I brought my plants.  I knew I would stay.  I was leaving home, but when I pulled up in front of my apartment on Court Street, it felt like I was home, finally.

Lately, powerful feelings are arising with an awareness of the many years of lost opportunities to spend doing seemingliy mundane, routine things with my mother and the rest of my family.  So, because I've always dealt with the events in my life through working in the studio, and with objects, I am attempting to reconnect and repair a hole, and a gap in time, through being, drawing, and photgraphing the objects that remind me of her.
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